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About Us

It's very easy to get caught up in political or philosophical debates about the environment and our place in it. Regardless, the economic and technological realities are such that solar panels are just a smart decision for any homeowner who qualifies. 

Solar Masters helps our clients gain control of their electricity production while reducing, stabilizing or eliminating their electricity costs using detailed analysis in conjunction with world class design and installation, using Tier One solar panels.

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The Partners

The SunVault Storage System - available now!

Solar Masters is the only black-owned solar dealership in Illinois and is managed by Monquiz Wedlow and Bobby Hill. Monquiz is a former NFL defensive back, who has worked in customer care and client management for years. Bobby has an extensive background in sales and management. They entered the solar industry at the same time, and once they got the hang of it, their success took off. 

They both truly believe that not only is solar the future but that having panels on the home is just the first step to homeowners truly controlling their energy production. 

"We started this because it makes sense and it actually helps people. As long as the panels are on and the sun doesn't stop working, you have a determinable daily power source. It costs the homeowner nothing out of pocket, maintenance is covered, and our business only seeks a deal if it presents a savings to the homeowner. That's a win-win-win we'd like to share with everyone we can find."

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