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Your Solar Masters solar energy system converts sunlight into electrical energy you can use in your home.  There are four main elements of each home solar system, two of which are already in your house:



Solar panels, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity (similar to what comes out of batteries).


Inverters or microinverters, which convert the DC electricity into the alternating current (AC) electricity used by the grid and distributed in your home.


A main breaker panel, which is where your solar system connects to your home’s electricity system.


The utility meter, which measures the net amount of energy consumption from the grid.


The key to this process is something called net metering. Net metering is an agreement made by the utility to credit a homeowner with a solar panel system on a 1:1 ratio of power produced by their panels, to power used from the utility. In other words, for every watt of power you produce and send back to the grid, your utility will credit you by subtracting each watt from your usage totals. In times when you produce more than you use, you amass credits that flow back in when you use more than you produce, stabilizing your bill. Contact us for more information on how this can work for you.
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