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Get Your Analysis (Must be a homeowner)

To perform the analysis, we need either a clear picture

or pdf of the front of a recent electric bill

(you can alternatively email it to instead)

Upload front picture of electric bill


Upload PDF of electric bill

We do not sell information to third parties. The answers to these questions will strictly be used to determine whether your home qualifies for residential solar panels. We will contact you to either explain why it might not or to answer questions and schedule an in-person appointment if it does. We are a local Chicago area small business backed by SunPower, an American panel maker. We will not ask you for any money through this process! 


If your home qualifies and you end up getting our solar panels installed, you will receive a $250 cash card if your system is less than 6kw and $500 if it is greater than 6kw. Most homes use greater than 6kw systems. 

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